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Issue 153 Table of Contents

July/August 2018

A Family Business on the Water
Designed by a naval architect known for his fishing schooners, the passenger schooner Surprise turned 100 this year.

Crafting Wooden Spars
For more than 25 years, Jim Elk of Bar Harbor has been the go-to person for wooden yacht spars.

James Fitzgerald: Monhegan Modernist
Monhegan has inspired many painters, including James Fitzgerald. This year the island’s art museum turns 50 and a new book celebrates Fitzgerald’s work.

Boatyard Dog® — Issue 153
Boatyard Dogs® — 153

An Ode to a Tiny Shingle-Style Cottage
A little house perched on the rocks in Vinalhaven is a delightful example of rusticator architecture, writes architect Henry N. Cobb.

Friendship, Art & Commerce
Two recently single women forge a friendship, and gain new insights about themselves.

Sir Ferdinando Gorges and His Impossible Dream of Maine
Attempts by Sir Ferdinando Gorges to colonize Maine in the early 1600s met with failure, and all that remains with his name is a fort.

The Uncertain Future of Right Whales
After a brief period of growth, the population of North Atlantic right whales is dropping, and scientists are worried.

Anna: A 65' Cold-Molded Sloop
Lyman-Morse’s latest is a 65’ cold-molded sloop.

Two Boats in One
The newly restored NY40 Marilee has the best of both worlds. She can carry either a gaff rig or Marconi rig depending on the weather and the racing competition.

Katie Mack: Restored Vintage Cruiser
A vintage cruiser from the 1930s was restored and will be home to a couple in Maine.

Lady Erin: A Workboat with Yacht Style
This owner wanted his new boat to look like a workboat, but work like a yacht.

Hybrid Design Combines the Best of Wood and Plastic
Boatbuilder Richard Stanley’s newest boat is a hybrid that combines the best of wood and fiberglass.

Chips: New Life for a Classic Racer
A sheep farm in Warren does double duty as a high-class boat restoration shop, most recently for the P Boat Chips.

Redfern Boat’s Newest Launch Rides the Rails
Redfern Boat’s Carlton Johnson built a luxurious custom trolley using high-end yacht construction techniques.

A Regular School Bus Reimagined
Gamage Shipyard spent a year transforming a standard school bus into a fabulous, luxurious “land yacht.”

Land Cruisers
Eli Ellis turns traditional vans into bespoke land yachts with wood interiors.

Peaks Island
Peaks Island once was home to an amusement park. The Ferris wheel is gone, but the island remains a popular destination.

Awanadjo Almanack—Issue 153
July brings garden bounty, molting birds, and summer storms.

Way Back When—Issue 153
Stonington, circa 1915.

From the Publisher — Issue 153
Charting the Future

Letters to the Editor—Issue 153
Letters to the Editor—Issue 153

Downeast Outboard Express Cruiser
MJM has introduced what founder Bob Johnstone calls the first-ever outboard express cruiser with downeast styling.

On the Town Dock — Issue 153
Bridges, boats, buildings, and great balls of stuff

The Pearson Ensign
The Pearson Ensign is a versatile racer/family daysailer that has stood the test of time.

The Maine I Love - Martha Andrews Donovan
Photos of Bass Harbor, Gotts Island, Bernard, and more from Martha Andrews Donovan.


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Maine Boats, Homes & Harbors, Issue 153
Issue 153 | July/August 2018
Volume 31 | Number 4
Click the cover image above to view the digital edition online.
On the cover: The newly restored NY40 Marilee has two interchangeable rigs - one a classic gaff, the other Marconi. Here she is shown racing in the Eggemoggin Reach Regatta with the gaff rig.