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A midcoast town with a big heart

Solving the Puzzle of Maine’s Moving Coastline

Solving the puzzle of Maine’s moving coastline and climate change is complicated

The Fine Art of Plugging Leaks

An excerpt from "Sailing at the Edge of Disaster"

Art Honors Victims of El Faro Sinking

A monumental steel sculpture honors lives lost in the El Faro sinking.

Lubec: Land of the Rising Sun

Exploring way downeast


Monhegan Island features glorious scenery and great art

A Special Sloop Designed to Carry Heavy Granite

Carrying heavy Maine granite to far-off ports required a special type of sloop.

Three Futures for the Gulf of Maine

An ocean scientist considers the future.

Westport Island

When driving Route 1 between Bath and Wiscasset, consider stopping at Westport Island

Raging moose, angry bears, and other wild animal encounters

Encounters with animals in the wild can be exciting, and also scary

Granite Piers Hark Back to the Age of Ice

A tangle of woods in Brooksville was once home to a major business: the Maine Lake Ice Company, that shipped ice all over the world

A Bar Harbor “Cottage”

A 1930's summer mansion with a secret

A Sea Captain and the House He Built

From Kittery to Calais, Maine’s coastal towns and cities are graced with 19th-century homes built by the state’s prosperous shipbuilders, vessel owners, and sea captains. In Brunswick, one of the most notable is the Captain George W. McManus House of 1858.

Sea Tales at the Big Table

Back in Rockland’s fishing heyday, fishermen would gather around a big table at a local bar and share stories.