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The Maine I Love

Photo slideshows by people who love Maine. Click on the image to view the photos and learn about the person who took them.

The Maine I Love — Jonathan Laurence

Photographs from aboard fishing vessels

Early Photos Tell the Gritty Story of Maine’s Granite Industry

Early photos tell the gritty story of Maine’s granite industry

The Maine I Love - Nigel Purvis

Photographs by Nigel Purvis

The Maine I Love

Boats and the natural world by Art Paine

The Maine I Love - Donnie Mullen

Inland canoe trips and freshwater views

Maine I Love — John K. Hanson Jr.

The Maine our publisher loves

Maine I Love—Ed Kenney

Photos by Ed Kenney

Maine I Love — Robin Lloyd

Text and photographs by Robin Lloyd

The Maine I Love — Basha Burwell

Maine through the lens of Basha Burwell.

The Maine I Love — Pine Tree Boating Club

Small boats, old motors, and days on the lake.

The Maine I Love — Leslie Harlow

Leslie Harlow's view of Maine.

2019 Boat & Home Show

Scenes from the 2019 Maine Boat & Home Show.

The Maine I Love - Dan Dishner

Dan Dishner's view of Maine.

The Maine I Love - Terry Boivin

On the water with photographer Terry Boivin.