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Small Adventures

Boats Of The Year

Along The Shore

On the Town Dock — Issue 153

Bridges, boats, buildings, and great balls of stuff

Downeast Outboard Express Cruiser

MJM has introduced what founder Bob Johnstone calls the first-ever outboard express cruiser with downeast styling.

Letters to the Editor—Issue 153

Letters to the Editor—Issue 153

From the Publisher — Issue 153

Charting the Future

Way Back When—Issue 153

Stonington, circa 1915.

Awanadjo Almanack—Issue 153

July brings garden bounty, molting birds, and summer storms.

Peaks Island

Peaks Island once was home to an amusement park. The Ferris wheel is gone, but the island remains a popular destination.

Land Cruisers

Eli Ellis turns traditional vans into bespoke land yachts with wood interiors.

A Regular School Bus Reimagined

Gamage Shipyard spent a year transforming a standard school bus into a fabulous, luxurious “land yacht.”

Redfern Boat’s Newest Launch Rides the Rails

Redfern Boat’s Carlton Johnson built a luxurious custom trolley using high-end yacht construction techniques.