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Boat Show

Small Adventures

Boats Of The Year

Along The Shore

Travels with Raven

Photographer Peter Ralston’s sturdy 37’ Repco cruiser Raven has taken him where he has needed to go, spiritually as well as physically, for decades.

Way Back When — Issue 150

River crossings once relied on ferries in the days before bridges.

On the Town Dock — Issue 150

News updates from around the state.

Letters to the Editor — Issue 150

A Maine memory, the Mary E, and Toroa

The Barn Fleet

The publisher just keeps acquiring boats.

Awanadjo Almanack — Issue 150

Winter snow doesn’t stop the littlest critters.

Owls Head

In Owls Head you will find a museum, a lighthouse, a nice harbor, and good food.

The Artist and the Ardent Admirer

The complex relationship between an artist and an ardent admirer: collector Susan Myers and painter Paul Rickert.

A House of Many Woods

Paul and Jula Sampson make their living selling wood products to the builders of fine homes, so it was only natural that when they built a new home, it included more than 35 varieties of wood.

Atlantic Class Sloops

Atlantic Class sloops are still thrilling sailors after all these years.