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Pepe Was My Friend

From orphan to trusted friend, Pepe the Skunk warmed two households.

Spring Down on the Farms

Maine farmers stay busy all winter fixing and planning for what comes next: spring, the season opener.

Into the Maine Woods

A quirky first day of work in the forest.

Kale With a Special Pedigree

A hardy kale with a special connection to Camden, Maine.

Beneficial Bugs

When planting your garden, think about ways to encourage beneficial bugs.

Farm To Table

Chef and restaurateur Sam Hayward pays close attention to the source of his ingredients, teaching the rest of us to think about where our food comes from, and leading a food movement in Maine.

Permanent Culture

At the Zocalo Permaculture Center in Gouldsboro, the focus is on integrating humans with their environment.

Coming of Age All Over Again

A new wave of young craftspeople and farmers are setting down roots, starting up businesses, and promoting sustainability on Blue Hill Peninsula and in other Maine communities.

In the Garden

With blooms on stalks that can grow up to six feet tall, mullein can be an attractive plant for a cultivated garden. It also has a number of medicinal uses. For example, its broad, fuzzy leaves can be dried and used in teas to relieve congestion.

Ode to the Stones

Maine, with its vast fields of subterranean rubble left by retreating glaciers, has some of the most wonderful rock gardens to be found anywhere, and some of the most creative gardeners. Rock gardeners utilize every crack, fissure, crevice, and pothole to their advantage.

Dance of the Lady Slippers

The pink lady slipper is one of the delights of spring in Maine. Researchers at the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens have been studying the mysterious orchid.

Garbage to Garden

Garbage to Garden is a fast-growing Portland company that offers curbside composting, the latest development of the local food movement.

Aliens Among Us

Non-native plants such as burning bush may look pretty but they can cause problems by pushing out native stock. We take a look at a few invasives in Maine.

Two Maine Rock Gardens

Two Maine gardeners, Vickie Cunningham in South Bristol, and Douglas Cole in Rockport, have worked magic with rocks and stones and a ledge or two.

Freshwater Stone

At Freshwater Stone Jeff Gamlin turns ordinary rock into useful works of art