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Harbor Features

The Winter Wind Will Blow… And We Shall Have Snow

Reflections from offshore on the winter winds

An Island Childhood

Raising boys on a Maine island in a home built by a fishing legend.

The Coast Guard in Maine

A sense of purpose and a love of place for the Coast Guard in Maine.

A Beachcomber’s Guide to Lobster Gear

Deciphering the objects washed up along the beach

A Sturdy Maine Schooner

A National Historic Landmark, the Lewis R. French turned 150 this April. She is the oldest two-masted schooner in the country, and the oldest Maine-built schooner still sailing, and calling Maine home.

Launching a Boat and a Career

A sardine carrier and a photo collection

This Ocean-Focused Work Space Promotes Collaboration and Innovation

The New England Ocean Cluster seeks to promote ocean-related innovation through collaboration.

The Healing Power of Winter Paddles

Paddling in Maine waters during the winter can be an elixir for whatever ails you

Chatto and the Gift of a Treasured Island

Chatto: A treasured Maine island

The Do It Yourself Dock

It took two summers, but he managed to build his own dock, complete with pilings.

International ONE Designs

International One Designs have a long racing tradition in Northeast Harbor.

The History that Lies Beneath

A shipwreck and the tides of history.

A Year in the Life of a Lighthouse

In 1953, Betty Brown and her husband Dude spent a year as keepers of the Pond Island Lighthouse at the mouth of the Kennebec River.

A One-Horse Town?

Eve Murray takes stock of the horses of Matinicus.

Sea Smoke and Steam Devils

A close and cold encounter with sea smoke.