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Harbor Features

The Little Tanker That Can

One 58-foot vessel and her intrepid captain keep island fuel tanks full.

Mid-century Views of Vinalhaven

Photographer Eliot Elisofon is known for images shot in exotic locales, but his favorite subject was Vinalhaven.

The Fine Art of Plugging Leaks

An excerpt from "Sailing at the Edge of Disaster"

Art Honors Victims of El Faro Sinking

A monumental steel sculpture honors lives lost in the El Faro sinking.

Sea Tales at the Big Table

Back in Rockland’s fishing heyday, fishermen would gather around a big table at a local bar and share stories.

A Tribute to a Maine Fisherman

A caring gesture from a waterfront community

McCurdy Smokehouse

The McCurdy smokehouse Museum tells the story of Lubec’s fishy past.

The Winter Wind Will Blow… And We Shall Have Snow

Reflections from offshore on the winter winds

An Island Childhood

Raising boys on a Maine island in a home built by a fishing legend.

The Coast Guard in Maine

A sense of purpose and a love of place for the Coast Guard in Maine.

A Beachcomber’s Guide to Lobster Gear

Deciphering the objects washed up along the beach

A Sturdy Maine Schooner

A National Historic Landmark, the Lewis R. French turned 150 this April. She is the oldest two-masted schooner in the country, and the oldest Maine-built schooner still sailing, and calling Maine home.

Launching a Boat and a Career

A sardine carrier and a photo collection

This Ocean-Focused Work Space Promotes Collaboration and Innovation

The New England Ocean Cluster seeks to promote ocean-related innovation through collaboration.