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On The Town Dock

News and updates from around the state about life on the coast and boatbuilding.

Mushroom buoys & a hybrid ferry

Innovative projects, scientific studies, and a wayward seal pup

Big ships, LEGOs, and a joyful duck

A Maine-built subway canopy and more freighters in Portland

New boats, sharks & climate change

Ocean science, boat launches, and sharks on the move

Launchings, lighthouse horns, salmon news

A wide array of launchings, boating safety class, antifouling technology

New boats, new engines, turn off the water

Electric engines, lobster landings, yoga for fishermen

Wild ice, a Russian eagle, and changing of the guard

An expedition sailing vessel, skating on wild ice, and waiting for shrimp

New & old boats, awards, and magnetic forces

Waterfront news, IOD World Champ, a rare Bugatti boat

Joyful duck, whales, and lobsters

Science and research news, tide data, and a lifetime achievement award

Pond racing, whale tales, and floating picnic tables

Small boats, wind turbines, a whale encounter, industry news

Fish landings, sea art & new boats

News including lobster shell skin cream and lawn mowers on ice

Marina sale, plastic spill & goat rescue

Boat ownership, oversized clock hands, and more from Maine

Lots of Boat Action Despite Pandemic

Boat launchings, megayacht visitors, ocean activity