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On The Town Dock

News and updates from around the state about life on the coast and boatbuilding.

Shipyard Purchase, Ferry Fares & Scallops

Infrastructure projects, historic preservation, and boating news

Storm Recovery, Sailing Feats, Waterfront News

A survey of maritime spring news

Boat Projects, an Amazing Cat, Dredging

The working waterfront, new boats builds, and a cat tale

Pumpkins, boats leaving town & a new editor

Boatyard news and one large meteorite

Bon Voyage, Madame Editor!

A goodbye with a flourish

Rubber ducks, hurricanes, and beach access

Blue carbon reservoirs, Global Solo Challenge sailor, beach access

Boat launches, sharks, and working waterfronts

A new round of coastal updates

Boat news and pricey meteorites

A song for the Victory Chimes, boat molds for sale, and cleaning up marine debris

New faces, new boats, and going green

Marine business news, shrink wrap recycling, and marquee letter repair

Mushroom buoys & a hybrid ferry

Innovative projects, scientific studies, and a wayward seal pup

Big ships, LEGOs, and a joyful duck

A Maine-built subway canopy and more freighters in Portland

New boats, sharks & climate change

Ocean science, boat launches, and sharks on the move

Launchings, lighthouse horns, salmon news

A wide array of launchings, boating safety class, antifouling technology

New boats, new engines, turn off the water

Electric engines, lobster landings, yoga for fishermen