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Design Reviews

A Total Refit Makes a 36-year-old B-40 New Again

Refitting a classic Hinckley Bermuda 40 for entertaining and day sailing.

The New Harbor 28

The New Harbor 28: A modern take on a classic

A Tiny, Efficient, Pocket Cruiser

A tiny, efficient, pocket cruiser

Navier 30

Into the future on a hydofoiling electric speedster

Model Pond Racer Wins Design Kudos and Fans

Sometimes the best yachts are also the smallest. One of the hottest new racing classes along the coast is a radio-controlled model sailboat: the DragonForce 65.

Cottrell Whitehall: Rowing Elegance

Cottrell Boatbuilding, classic small rowing boats


An unfortunate high-speed grounding provides the opportunity to modernize an aging racer.

The Zurn Daychaser 48 designed for concierge yachting

A new cruiser designed for Barton & Gray Mariners Club

A Custom Hunt 41 Meant for Day Trips

One custom Hunt 41 is intended mostly for day trips, and as a result includes some unique features.


A new 44-foot sloop designed by Jim Taylor and built at Brooklin Boat Yard will be used for day sailing and racing on the West Coast.

Newfoundland Trap Skiff

Walt Simmons of Duck Trap Woodworking has perfected the construction of versatile wherries for rowing and sailing

Tripp 45: A modern wood-composite daysailer

A new Bill Tripp design under construction at Rockport Marine features ultra-modern lines.

Rebuild for a Vintage Bunker and Ellis Lobsteryacht

A vintage Bunker and Ellis lobsteryacht gets a rebuild, including a fancy new interior.

A Vintage Knockabout Design Finds New Life

A knockabout designed more than 100 years ago for the Camden Yacht Club still has ardent fans.

Wheeler 38

The spirit of Hemingway’s boat comes alive in a new build.