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The Fine Art of Moose Calling

Calling moose is thrilling, but it’s not for the faint of heart.

A Seal’s Best Friend

Call her the seal queen. Lynda Doughty rescues and rehabilitates stranded seals and other mammals.

Shipwrecks, Shipworms, and the Fate of Forests in the Sea

The naval shipworm is actually a clam with an insatiable appetite for wood.

Tidal Power Returns to Maine Waters

Tidal turbines downeast have put Maine at the forefront of efforts to harness the power of ocean currents.

Wind and Waves Explained

A captain explains the science behind the force of wind and waves.

Beaver Magic

No longer viewed as pests, beavers have earned a reputation as Mother Nature’s wetland engineers.

Solving the Puzzle of Maine’s Moving Coastline

Solving the puzzle of Maine’s moving coastline and climate change is complicated

Three Futures for the Gulf of Maine

An ocean scientist considers the future.

Raging moose, angry bears, and other wild animal encounters

Encounters with animals in the wild can be exciting, and also scary

All the Things You Never Knew About Barnacles

Strong-shelled and firmly cemented in place, barnacles shrug off even the strongest waves at high tide. Sharp-edged and closely clustered, they are a reminder that the sea is rough and therefore tend to be avoided. Their ubiquity means they also tend to be ignored—except by naturalists.

I Can’t Believe What I Just Heard

In his years as a Maine wildlife biologist Ron Joseph has heard some wild tales.

Maine’s Lynx Project

Maine lynx: secretive, beautiful, and threatened.

Ocean Viruses Contain Keys to Life

The ocean is awash in viruses, many of which are essential to life as we know it.

Tide power remains a force in Maine

Tidal power's alternative energy technologies

Great White Sharks in Maine

Data shows great white sharks, once on the verge of disappearing, are making a comeback along the Maine coast.