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Sadie & Otis

Boatyard Dogs Sadie & Otis

Three Long Skinny Lake Boats

John K. Hanson considers his lake boats.

The Maine I Love - Don Dunbar

Self-taught photographer Don Dunbar of Eastport has always been drawn to the beauty of the natural world.

Welcome Downeast

Rob McCall reflects on slow winter days, the spring thaw, St. Patrick, and the pleasures of island life.

Hinckley buys Morris Yachts, a rescue by the Zumwalt, and the tallest American chestnut

Hinckley buys Morris Yachts, a rescue by the Zumwalt, the tallest American chestnut, and more news from Maine.

Letters to the Editor 139

Letters to the Editor - Issue 139

Wilson & Gilmore

Wilson and Gilmore — Boatyard Dogs 139


Letter From the Publisher - Issue 139

The Maine I Love - Bob Trapani

Bob Trapani, Jr. has been photographing scenes at Rockland Breakwater nearly every day since 2009 and says he still finds new angles to explore there.

Welcome Downeast

Snowflakes are the wheels of the storm chariots, the wreck of chariot wheels after a battle in the skies, these glorious spangles, the sweepings of heaven’s floor.

Ferry woes, a heroic boat rescue, and whale sightings

News from along the coast: Maine-Canada ferry held hostage; lighthouse horns shifting to remote control; whale sightings and more.

Maya, The Edge, and Jackson

Maya, The Edge, and Jackson

The Best and Brightest

Letter From the Publisher - Issue 138

Welcome to Blue Hill

Rob McCall reflects upon summer fields and flowers, crickets, and the Dog Days of summer.