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Dreamboats and All-Thumbs Boatyard

Dreamboats and All-Thumbs Boatyard

Maine I Love — John K. Hanson Jr.

The Maine our publisher loves

Building boats the way they should be

Eric Dow’s small boatshop has built a reputation for highly skilled work on smaller wooden boats.

Drama in the Fog

A real-life rescue story, overheard on the VHF


The role of the Dolphins 24 in the days of the sailboat design transition from wood to fiberglass.

Marina sale, plastic spill & goat rescue

Boat ownership, oversized clock hands, and more from Maine

Letters to the Editor — Issue 169

Memory lane, aquaculture, slowing down

Finn and Flash

Boatyard dogs Finn and Flash

Boats that stand the test of time

Turning points and the Lincolnville Wherry

A very special launching

The long-awaited moment for the Moth

A Tipsy Rooster and Horse Whispering

The writer recalls the time the family’s rooster got drunk, and his grandfather’s winning ways with draft horses

Welcome Downeast

Winter's critters and a time of slumber


Middle school students build an Inuit Umiak and learn confidence and skills


A decade-long rebuild of a classic Irish yacht

French & Webb Levant 15

A fixed-keel sailboat designed by Chuck Paine and built at French & Webb