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The Maine I Love - Emily McDevitt

Long before hashtags, filters, digital cameras, and social media, I embraced my love and eye for photography on a six-week float plane adventure from Maine to Alaska with my dad.

Awanadjo Almanack - Issue 158

A report on springtime blooms, bees, and gardens.

Reuel Parker Works New Magic

Reuel Parker has designed a classically inspired powerboat for shallow-water cruising. It is being built by Hylan & Brown.

Beavers, whales, and boat stuff

Beavers, whales, boat stuff, and maritime news

Letters to the Editor - Issue 158

Thoughts from our readers.

Lincoln and Oliver - Issue 158

Lincoln and Oliver

Letter From The Publisher — Issue 158

Painting the boat is a sure sign of spring.

The Maine I Love - Deborah Chatfield

Coastal Maine through the lens of Deborah Chatfield.

Welcome Downeast Issue 157

Flowing sap, budding pussy willows, quacking wood frogs, and other signs that spring will come.

Big boats, toy boats, very fast boats

Big boats, toy boats, very fast boats... and a mysterious ice disk

Letters to the Editor 157

Readers thoughts on cleats, the Castine Class, and more.

Nugget and Winston - Issue 157

Nugget and Winston

Letter from the Publisher 157

Nothings says spring in Maine like dories in the snow.

Welcome Downeast

Rob McCall reflects on the midwinter activities of pruning, sleeping, and looking to summer.