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Living Spaces

Small and Efficient Dwellings

Builders hope small prefab homes can add much-needed housing.

A Beloved Family Home

A Greek Revival saltwater farmhouse built in 1843 with a special history

Summer Memories and a Family Cottage

This summer cottage anchors family, history, and simple living

New Life for Historic Boathouse and Marine Railway

A historic boathouse built for a turn-of-the-century yacht has been rebuilt to house a modern one.

From Rustic Camp to Elegant Lake House

A rustic camp on Sebago becomes a year-round home.

Waterfront Makeover

Lyman-Morse's rebuilt facility in Camden has risen, like a phoenix, after a devastating fire

A Bar Harbor “Cottage”

A 1930's summer mansion with a secret

A Sea Captain and the House He Built

From Kittery to Calais, Maine’s coastal towns and cities are graced with 19th-century homes built by the state’s prosperous shipbuilders, vessel owners, and sea captains. In Brunswick, one of the most notable is the Captain George W. McManus House of 1858.

An Island Childhood

Raising boys on a Maine island in a home built by a fishing legend.

The Pretty Good House

Architect Emily Mottram’s work focuses on efficient, simple designs.

Architectural Elements

Once charted on maps, cupolas provide views and ventilation as well as serving as waypoints.


A historic summer cottage with a lighthouse-inspired tower

An Odd Fellows Hall is Reborn

Brooklin’s historic Order of Odd Fellows Hall was on the verge of falling down, when a team of new owners stepped in and breathed new life into the classic structure.

A Little Lake Cottage with Vintage Charm

Renovation of a small camp on Megunticook Lake retains its period charm.

This Ocean-Focused Work Space Promotes Collaboration and Innovation

The New England Ocean Cluster seeks to promote ocean-related innovation through collaboration.