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Welcome Downeast

Rob McCall reflects on the early winter season, mosses, wreathes, weathervanes, and preparing for the time of snow.

An influx of jellyfish, a French frigate, and one very large lobster

On The Town Dock - Issue 137 An influx of jellyfish, a French frigate, and one very large lobster

Letters to the Editor 137

Letters to the Editor - Issue 137

Zephyr: The New World Champion

Zephyr - Issue 137

Living Life at the Edge

A Letter to the Editor - Issue 137

Awanadjo Almanack - Issue 137

November is the time to toughen up for the cold months ahead. It takes some doing because a temperature around 40º Fahrenheit that felt downright balmy back in March feels a mite chilly in November after several months of soothing warmth. The birds molt and add new down. Deer change into their thicker and darker winter coats.

Windjammers Along The Coast

Maine's windjammers: iconic symbols of the coast

A Letter from the Publisher - Issue 136

A Letter from the Publisher – Issue 136

On The Town Dock - Issue 136

Rowing shells, ties to the Arctic, a Whaler Rendezvous and more

Boatyard Dogs - Issue 136

Carter and Pattie

Awanadjo Almanack - Issue 136

Ocean swimming, a late-summer bounty from the garden, and apple harvest time in this installment of Rob McCall's Awanadjo Almanack.

The Maine I Love - Lisa Tyson Ennis

Explore the haunting images of herring weirs and fish houses in Newfoundland and downeast Maine with photographer Lisa Tyson Ennis.

The Maine I Love - Photographs by Andrea Hand

Bangor-based artist and photographer Andrea Hand specializes in events and portraits. A visit to this private fishing camp in Northern Maine inspired her to add landscapes to her repertoire. “I have lived in Maine for 26 years, but until last year had never participated in the ‘camp’ lifestyle. When folks talked about ‘going to camp,’ I thought they were talking about a week away at some kind of summer camp. Then last summer I was invited to an 1890s fishing camp for a late-season jaunt. As we turned off the logging road and across the small bridge onto the site, my soul was flooded with the spirit of this sacred place.

Fishing and the Rangeley Boat

The iconic Rangeley Boat emerged from the Rangeley Lake region of Western Maine in the 1800s and was crafted to suit the needs of sportfishermen.

Riley and Cobbie, Issue 135

Riley and Cobbie