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Letter From The Publisher — Issue 160

If the Beach Boys are the sound of youthful summer, then surely Van Morrison is the bard of autumn.

Awanadjo Almanack - Issue 160

It's fall and that means wild fruits coming into their own, and hunting season.

Letters to the Editor - Issue 160

Aviators afloat plus a maritime reading list to end all lists.

Cooper and Gilligan

Boatyard Puppies Cooper & Gilligan

Etchells Racing on Casco Bay

Go racing in an Etchells 22 with Fleet 27

The Maine I Love – John E. Kachmar

Maine images by John E. Kachmar

Never too many boats!

Never too many boats! (aka Plures Naves Quam Mentes)

Awanadjo Almanack - Issue 159

Independence Day, the monarch effect, and the rare unicorn root

Letters to the Editor - Issue 159

Readers write about seaweed, bottom painters, magnetic gyrations and more

The Maine I Love - Emily McDevitt

Long before hashtags, filters, digital cameras, and social media, I embraced my love and eye for photography on a six-week float plane adventure from Maine to Alaska with my dad.

Awanadjo Almanack - Issue 158

A report on springtime blooms, bees, and gardens.

Reuel Parker Works New Magic

Reuel Parker has designed a classically inspired powerboat for shallow-water cruising. It is being built by Hylan & Brown.

Beavers, whales, and boat stuff

Beavers, whales, boat stuff, and maritime news