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Issue 147 Table of Contents

Boatshow 2017

Island Life
When an artist couple wanted to build his-and-her studios on a remote island, they turned to Houses and Barns by John Libby.

Stairs Mastered
The problem: a steep cliff with 52 steps. The solution: an automated tram that carries people and cargo with the push of a button.

Wild About Moose
You knew moose were strong and fast, but did you know they have a third eyelid?

Bigfoot, libidos, telephones?
Bigfoot, libidos, telephones? There’s a museum for that. Learn about some of the state’s more eccentric and museums.

Winter Harbor
Winter Harbor is called Acadia’s quiet side, but there’s a lot more going on than you might expect.

Almanack 147 — Welcome Downeast
Summer arrives downeast and nature comes alive.

Our Grand Experiment
Our Grand Experiment

Letters to the Editor - Issue 147
Letters to the Editor - Issue 147

An Artist Goes Sailing
Painter Colin Page explains how buying a boat and the excitement of learning to sail helped him experience the landscape in a different way.

Yacht Tender
A power tender under construction at Artisan Boatworks was inspired by a Herreshoff classic.

Billings Diesel
Billings Diesel has been getting it done and getting things going since 1928.

Joel White
Reminiscences about Joel White, the man and the his designs.

Lasting Legacy
A father and his sons set out to build a boat, but when these amateur craftsmen launched Legacy eight years later they had built far more: a lasting family bond.

Maine Master: Philip Barter
From lively narratives to stylized landscapes, downeast painter Philip Barter is a Maine master.

Navigating with an Old Salt
In the annals of colorful sailors, the late Lou Holladay of Boothbay ranks right up there with the saltiest of them. During his long life, he was an ocean sailor, chemical engineer, yacht-design consultant, bridge player, and competitive tennis player, and then he ran a small charter outfit.

To Sit or Not to Sit?
Some advice from a personal trainer on how to stay fit while cruising

Downeast Boats
Getting powerboat enthusiasts to agree on exactly what’s in the DNA of a “downeast cruiser” is a tricky proposition.

Back When “Working Waterfront” Meant Just That
Photojournalists preserved these scenes from the midcoast Maine working waterfront during the 1940s through 1970s.

Boatyard Dog — Issue 147
Starboard & Salty Dog Shadow

Snail whispering, the prodigal schooner, and a message in a bottle
Snail whispering, the prodigal schooner, and a message in a bottle

The Maine I Love — Tyler Fields
Images of the Maine landscape by photographer Tyler Fields.

Way Back When 147 — Summer Colonies
Bayville in East Boothbay was one of many post-Civil War summer colonies in Maine.

John's Bay Boat Company Launches "Rhum"
John's Bay Boat Co. launches new powerboat "Rhum"

Bewitched, Bothered, and Bedazzled
"Night Stories" is both a book and two art exhibitions, pairing the work of writers and artists.


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Maine Boats, Homes & Harbors, Issue 147
Issue 147 | Boatshow 2017
Volume 30 | Number 4
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