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The Maine I Love — Tyler Fields

Photographs & text by Tyler Fields

By The Editors

The Maine I love is a refuge from the chaotic and unsettled. I grew up in the Pacific Northwest—big trees, rocky shores, and endless expanses of wilderness—and moved to New England six years ago. Beyond adjusting to a new home and new job, there was a surprising culture shock from the left coast to the right. Bigger cities, larger populations, and a jump in restlessness. Maine has been my escape from this new fitfulness. As soon as I reach the Piscataqua River Bridge, the tension begins to lift. With each passing mile north, I feel a bit more at ease and start again to experience familiar sights and sounds like those that I miss from Washington and Oregon. Photography is my way of engaging with Maine and all its character. The constant drive to capture the next sunrise, the next secluded harbor, or the next bend in the forest trail brings me closer to the memories of home more than 3,000 miles away.