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Issue 185 Table of Contents

November/December 2023

Telltail & Howland
Telltail (the cat!) and Howland

The Farwell Project
A former general store and grain mill are at the center of an effort to revitalize a small town

Letters to the Editor 185
Day beacons, a rare Ranco canoe, and Blondie Hasler

Rubber ducks, hurricanes, and beach access
Blue carbon reservoirs, Global Solo Challenge sailor, beach access

My Gloucester Gull: The Perfect One-Woman Dory
The Gloucester Gull is a rowable ticket to heaven

Community Rallies to Save a Jewel
Sheep Island is a jewel-like place that has been preserved for the future thanks to volunteers

Protecting the Ocean One Dirty Job at a Time
The Friends of Casco Bay runs a boat that collects sewage from thousands of boats across the busy and expansive bay

Revamping a Classic Motorsailer
Brooklin Boat Yard restores and revamps a classic boat

The Joy of Family Picnics and Bacon Dogs
Summer in Maine means picnics and family memories

The Inheritance Class Cutter
Based on an early ship model, the Inheritance Class cutter was a classy daysailer

Hurricane Island Unveils a New Research Station
A new state-of-the-art science lab on Hurricane Island features cutting-edge construction technologies and will be a base for cutting-edge marine research

Fighter Pilot, Professor, Painter
The Port Clyde painter Robert Hamilton taught art for many years, while painting his own fantastic, mysterious canvases

The Sad Tale of Maine’s Extinct Sea Mink
Researchers investigate the species known as the sea mink, which went extinct in Maine 150 years ago

In Search of the Biggest Tamarack
A significant tree with connections to boatbuilding

Somesville: Timeless Village
A snug village on Somes Sound

2023 Maine Boat & Home Show

The Shark That Ate Our Summer
The uninvited guest

Welcome Downeast
Turning trees, hibernating critters, and a season celebrating light

Three cheers to the editor
Crossing paths in boating and publishing

Good Reads 185
Books about nature, pirates, rowing, and lobstering women

Bon Voyage, Madame Editor!
A goodbye with a flourish

The Maine I Love: Polly Saltonstall
Maine in all seasons

Maine Boats, Homes & Harbors, Issue 185
Issue 185 | November/December 2023
Volume 36 | Number 6
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On the cover: Basha Burwell received this Gloucester Gull as a present on Mother's Day. It has proven to be perfect for ocean rowing outings.