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Issue 183 Table of Contents

July/August 2023

Mid-century Views of Vinalhaven
Photographer Eliot Elisofon is known for images shot in exotic locales, but his favorite subject was Vinalhaven.

Welcome Downeast
Flight on bright and hopeful wings

A historic little suburb of Maine’s largest metropolis

Sarah McRae Morton’s Time Capsules
In her ethereal paintings, Sarah McCrae Morton conjures figures and creatures from her life and imagination.

Maine’s Early Beginnings as an Art Mecca
Maine’s role as an art mecca dates back to early art summer camps.

A Beloved Family Home
A Greek Revival saltwater farmhouse built in 1843 with a special history

Wind and Waves Explained
A captain explains the science behind the force of wind and waves.

Tidal Power Returns to Maine Waters
Tidal turbines downeast have put Maine at the forefront of efforts to harness the power of ocean currents.

Shipwrecks, Shipworms, and the Fate of Forests in the Sea
The naval shipworm is actually a clam with an insatiable appetite for wood.

Josiah Shackford
Josiah Shackford, a native of Portsmouth, New Hampshire, may well have been the first known person to sail solo across the Atlantic. He did this in 1787. 

The New Harbor 28
The New Harbor 28: A modern take on a classic

A Seal’s Best Friend
Call her the seal queen. Lynda Doughty rescues and rehabilitates stranded seals and other mammals.

The Point
The story of a Rockland community and its days as a bustling neighborhood.

Fairmaid: A Century-old Ketch Still Going Strong
Caring for a 100-year-old Alden ketch has kept this couple on their toes for 42 years.

Boat news and pricey meteorites
A song for the Victory Chimes, boat molds for sale, and cleaning up marine debris

Letters to the Editor—183
Observations, opinions and ideas from readers

An Irish red and white setter

See you on the water
Summer in Maine

The Maine I Love - Zoe Weil
Capturing Maine's natural world

Maine Boats, Homes & Harbors, Issue 183
Issue 183 | July/August 2023
Volume 36 | Number 4
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On the cover: Jeffrey and Rose Aalberg have lovingly cared for this vintage Alden ketch, which turned 100 this year.