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Good Reads

Reviews of three new books, about L. Francis Herreshoff, the history of Maine photography, and Slocum's sail around the world.

Searching for a Safe Harbor

Twentieth century folk artist Earl Cunningham’s colorful vision was shaped by his early years along the water in Maine.

A Truly Tiny House

When her sons grew up and moved out, Valerie Chiasson put her lifelong fascination with little houses into practice. She downsized into a 230-square-foot home.

Cassoulet Maine-style

Cookbook author Nancy Harmon Jenkins takes on beans with a recipe for Maine-style cassoulet.

Virginia “Sally” Brun: Everything To Do With Art

Artist Sally Brun has met and befriended legendary figures in literature and art. At the same time, she represents that artist one finds in so many corners of Maine. Personal renown is less important than friends and family.

Garbage to Garden

Garbage to Garden is a fast-growing Portland company that offers curbside composting, the latest development of the local food movement.

Happy Trails

Maine Huts and Trails maintains miles of paths for skiing, hiking, or even biking between beautiful lodges in Maine’s wilderness. The organization transports client gear between lodges, and provides a welcome respite at the end of each day’s trek.

This Little House

Steve Thomas, former host of PBS’s "This Old House" and Discovery’s "Renovation Nation," and his wife, Evy Blum, have renovated a 1,300-square-foot home built in 1905 by a fisherman in Port Clyde.

Artist of the Outdoors

Inspired by a love of Maine and the outdoors, painter Jessica Ives records outdoor experiences—swimmers cutting across the water, a surfer bearing his board toward the waves, snowboarders resting on the slopes, a man casting a fly over a river.

Pouring Sweetness

Cooks in the past were comfortable about adapting recipes to ingredients at hand, including finding sweet substitutes for white sugar such as maple sugar, molasses, and even thickened apple cider.

From Awkward Spaces to Glorious Vistas

Artists Fred and Hope Angier use murals and other painted touches to add life to otherwise empty spaces.

From Boats to Art

Artist Dan West has taken skills he learned as a boatbuilder to make whimsical and timeless sculptures.

Aliens Among Us

Non-native plants such as burning bush may look pretty but they can cause problems by pushing out native stock. We take a look at a few invasives in Maine.

Bohemian Princess

A mystical gypsy caravan, built as a garden folly, features fine boatbuilding touches and is perfect for parties or afternoon naps.

Maine Course — Not My Mother’s Fish

Conservationists want us to eat so-called “trash” fish, such as skate, as a way to help save overfished species. Cookbook author Nancy Harmon Jenkins explains that skate is actually delicious and quite easy to cook.