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Boat Features

The Small Reach Regatta

Owners of trailerable boats flock to Maine’s Small Reach Regatta each summer.

The Small-Boat Water Tribe

Since 1984, shoal-draft boat adventurers have gathered on the beach at Atsena Otie Key for the Cedar Key small-boat meet. It’s a friendly mix of vagabond sailors.

True O(a)r Not?

Could oars have been invented by a fisherman who no longer wanted to swim out to his boat?

Early Spring on the Water

Cast aside the winter blues and go rowing!

First Boats

Our first boat holds a special place in our heart. Bruce Lewis’s was a Century Palomino.

Travels with Raven

Photographer Peter Ralston’s sturdy 37’ Repco cruiser Raven has taken him where he has needed to go, spiritually as well as physically, for decades.

Atlantic Class Sloops

Atlantic Class sloops are still thrilling sailors after all these years.

A Tale of Two Tough Tugboats

Back in the days of log drives on lakes and rivers, tugs played a key role, towing acres of wood.

Wives, mothers, and skippers

For two women who lobster professionally, it was time to upgrade to bigger boats.

On the Working Waterfront: A Big Year of BIG BOATS

Maine lobstermen are ordering ever bigger and faster boats as they chase their catch farther offshore.

A Design Reborn

The Dark Harbor Tender was fast, pretty, and seaworthy—all reasons for reviving the design

To Quebec by Bateau

Quebec here we come: Recreating the 1775 Arnold Expedition up the Kennebec and through the Maine wilderness.

Coming Home Salty

A mother and son learn how to sail a Beetle Cat.

Sailing the Ocean Blue

Being wheelchair-bound doesn’t mean you cannot go to sea.

Farewell to one of boating’s giants

Farewell to Meade Gougeon