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Boat Features

Edgerly Boat: The Edgerly 26

The Edgerly 26 is a pocket motoryacht built by Edgerly Boat, a one-man shop located on a back road in Surry, Maine.

Bruckmann Yachts: Abaco 40

The Bruckmann Abaco 40, a Mark Ellis design with a full-skeg pedigree, delivers elegance, style, performance, and maneuverability. Built in Canada, the boats are finished in Maine.

Brooklin Boat: Foggy

Brooklin Boat Yard in Maine built a high-end yacht designed by Frers with styling by world-famous architect Frank Gehry. The project was rewarding, but very complex.

Lake Effect

Richardson’s Boat Yard, a fixture on Sebago Lake, has been under the ownership of one family for almost a century.

Retro Ride

Shawn Grant sold his collection of vintage cars to buy an equally cool fleet of vintage boats. Today his Belgrade-based company is one of only a few places in the country where you can rent antique wooden boats for day trips.

Cruising Moosehead

Moosehead Lake is 40 miles long and makes a great cruising destination if you have a small sailboat that can be launched from a trailer.

2015 Boston Whaler Rendezvous at the Maine Boats, Homes & Harbors Show

The first-ever Boston Whaler Rendezvous was a weekend-long celebration of all things Whaler at the 2015 Maine Boats, Homes & Harbors Show.

John Atkin's Ninigret

Some boats are better suited for older folks, while others work better for the younger set, as Bill Boyd and his son, Ben, learned when they each went looking for a boat.

Wooden Boat Love: It’s Alive and Well

Builders John O’Donovan and Patrick Dole bring youth and a love of wooden boats to their work.

Enthusiasm: the Secret to Happiness

Internet pioneer and university professor Bob Metcalfe has owned the same 32-foot Ellis cruiser for 25 years. He explains why this sturdy vessel makes him happy.

Windjammers Along The Coast

Maine's windjammers: iconic symbols of the coast