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Dudley Alexander

By The Editors

Photo courtesy Neil Gutekunst

Dudley Alexander is Director of Barketing at Maine’s historic oar and paddle shop, Shaw and Tenney. The 13-year-old Shih Tzu spent his formative years with his people outside of Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune so he’s relatively unfazed by loud noises. Field artillery? Fireworks? No problem. Table saws? Music to his ears. In 2019, Dudley traded the roar of military jets for the serene shores of Maine. 

He first cut his woodworking teeth at New England Treads, a millwork shop outside of Portland, where he received the training needed for his directorship at Shaw and Tenney. His people, Neil and Jennifer Gutekunst, purchased the company in July 2023. Dudley ensures that every paddle and oar gets a good sniff for quality control purposes before granting approval.

Maine suits him well, from the scent of freshly turned spruce oars in the shop to the salty breeze coming off the coast. Whether he’s busy supervising production, greeting clients, or napping on the job, Dudley is living his best life. For anyone who stops by Shaw and Tenney, treats in the pocket will guarantee a wagging tail and excellent customer service! Just don’t ask him to go boating—he’s more of a terra firma kind of chap who doesn’t like to get his paws wet. 

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