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Waterfront Communities to Get Assistance

Wednesday, April 24th 2024

Waterfront Communities to Get Assistance

In the wake of Maine lawmakers approving $60 million in storm relief funding, Gov. Janet Mills has directed state agencies to move quickly in distributing the funds as soon as they become available.

The majority of the aid, $50 million, will be distributed in grants by the Maine Department of Transportation through the Maine Infrastructure Adaptation Fund. The remainder will be dispersed to small businesses by the Department of Economic and Community Development through the Business Resilience and Recovery Fund.

Grant applications are expected to be ready by early May. Applications will outline the programs and requirements, according to a release issued by the governor’s office.

“This is great news for Maine’s working waterfront. The storms our coastal communities have weathered over the past few months have caused devastation that threatened the very survival of our marine economy. The funding that will now be available, thanks to Governor Mills' unwavering commitment, provides a much-needed lifeline and a path forward for fishermen, aquaculturists, dealers, co-ops and dock owners,” said Pat Keliher, commissioner of the Department of Marine Resources, in the release. “This funding was the result of strong advocacy by many, including the Maine Lobtermen’s Association, the Maine Coast Fishermen’s Association, the New England Fishermen’s Stewardship Association, and the Maine Lobstering Union, all of whom rolled up their sleeves and shared their support for this funding with the Legislature during this difficult, last-minute battle.”

The Maine Infrastructure Adaption Fund provides grants for infrastructure adaptation and improvements for public safety, to protect community assets and resiliency. The Business Resilience and Recovery fund is new and will provide support for businesses and organizations that have been affected by severe weather.

You can find more storm relief information at the Island Institute’s website.

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