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Issue 165 Table of Contents

July/August 2020

Hard work, but worth it
Publisher's Letter #165

Milo and Zoe
A doodle and a golden retriever.

Letters to the Editor — Issue 165
Photo lessons, reading suggestions, and more

Significant builds, a new breed of ferry, and some goodbyes
News from the marine industry

Back to the Future in Round Pond
Boatyard Profile: Padebco Boatyard

A Vintage Knockabout Design Finds New Life
A knockabout designed more than 100 years ago for the Camden Yacht Club still has ardent fans.

Resto-mods, combining old boats with modern technology, take yacht restoration to a new level.

Prowling the Coast in a Catboat
Initially designed for fishing, catboats have become popular recreational sailers.

Colin Page
Painter Colin Page captures light and life in color-filled canvases.

The Architects Build a House for Themselves
Two architects plan and build an efficient, modern home for themselves, taking their cues from the landscape.

Ocean Health
Researchers are learning about whale health by studying poop, mucus from blow holes, baleen, and more than a million photographs.

A Year in the Life of a Lighthouse
In 1953, Betty Brown and her husband Dude spent a year as keepers of the Pond Island Lighthouse at the mouth of the Kennebec River.

Rice Brothers’
Of the 15 lightships surviving in the United States, three were built in Maine by the Rice Brothers Corporation in East Boothbay.

The Bygone Era of the Prim & Proper Bathing Suit
A look at how people hit the beach in the 19th and 20th centuries.

A trip to a town along the Kennebec River

Welcome Downeast
Damselflies, summer blooms, and Rowan trees.

The Bateau: Forgotten Workhorse of Maine’s Rivers
A utility boat from Maine's logging era.

From Sail to Power
A lifelong sailor explains why he traded in his Concordia yawl for a powerboat.

The Maine I Love — Basha Burwell
Maine through the lens of Basha Burwell.

In Search of the Perfect Boat
Can you have too many boats? Reflections of a boat addict.


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Maine Boats, Homes & Harbors, Issue 165
Issue 165 | July/August 2020
Volume 33 | Number 4
Click the cover image above to view the digital edition online.
On the cover: This Camden Class sloop, which lives in Pulpit Harbor on North Haven, is the only known survivor of the original four built for Camden Yacht Club members in 1915. Artisan Boatworks in Rockport built a new one this year.