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Milo and Zoe

By The Editors


It’s always good to begin teaching good boating skills at an early age. Milo, whose family refers to him as a “double doodle,” was only 13 weeks old in this photo when he went for his first boat ride. He wasted no time in taking control of the helm chair—no hiding in the cockpit or below decks for this young sailor-dog. For those enquiring minds who want to know, a “double doodle,” according to Milo’s human companions, is a designer mutt made with a mix of genes from a mini golden doodle and a labradoodle. He’s a cheerful, friendly, energetic little guy who’s always up for adventure.

“He and I can be seen in our Grady-White, Thistledew, most sunny days motoring between our dock in Georgetown’s Robinhood Cove, Five Islands Harbor, and Sheepscot Bay,” said Tom Candless. “When Milo is up for wider horizons, we’ll venture through the Townsend Gut and on to Boothbay Harbor! Please wave; we’ll toss you a biscuit!”


Zoe, Marge and Bob Healing’s six-year-old Golden Retriever, did not hesitate to take command of the new paddle board the first time their daughter brought the board and her three kids to the Healings’ dock on Maquoit Bay in Brunswick last summer. Zoe virtually lives in the water during the summer, swimming with the grandkids and chasing tennis balls. She found a whole new sense of control on the paddle board, where she was anointed captain, or dare we say “chairman of the board?” Zoe also accompanies the Healing’s family on picnics to the nearby islands where she delights in leading them around the shore searching for treasurers that could only delight a Maine dog, and young grandkids. 


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