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Issue 148 Table of Contents

September/October 2017

Real estate broker Terry Sortwell uses his Holland 38 for both work and play.

Maine Design Benchmarks
Our yacht design critic Art Paine picks some of his favorite boats of the past three decades.

Classic Boat Shop
Classic Boat Shop on Mount Desert Island has found a niche with the construction of Pisces 21 daysailers.

Emptying the Harbor
It’s a yearly ritual each fall: the harbor empties as Castine hunkers down for winter.

Passing the Torch
The next generation brings a new touch to family-run Maine boatyards.

Fishing’s Future?
Aquaculture start-ups find a world-class research hub in rural Maine.

Farm To Table
Chef and restaurateur Sam Hayward pays close attention to the source of his ingredients, teaching the rest of us to think about where our food comes from, and leading a food movement in Maine.

Autumn Endings & Beginnings
Fall in Maine doesn’t have to mean the end of the boating season. Just sail farther south.

Stonington, one of Maine’s busiest fishing ports, is a great place to visit, as long as you are not expecting a polished resort town.

Way Back When at MBH&H
30 years of chronicling the coast.

Has it really been 30 years?
Has it really been 30 years?

The Art of Leaving a Legacy
A handful of Maine artists have left legacies to promote future artists.

She Built Her Own Canoe
She wanted to join the club of people who build things with their hands so she signed up for a boatbuilding class.

For your reading pleasure...
New books on the shelf...

Welcome Downeast
Fall arrives and nature adjusts.

Boatyard Dogs Roger and Penne
Roger & Penne Boatyard Dogs

Why We Love the Ocean
Being in and on the ocean makes most people happy. It turns out that’s no fluke.

Future Skippers
An innovative high school program teaches leadership skills to students planning careers in fishing, and keeps them engaged in school.

Letters to the Editor - Issue 148
Letters to the Editor - Issue 148

Eel smuggling, Tesla, new boats
Eel smuggling, Tesla, new boats.

The Maine I Love — Wayne Hamilton
Photographs of the coast by the man behind Hamilton Marine.

30 Years of Innovation
A glimpse at just a few of the people, boats, and innovations along the Maine coast from the last 30 years.


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Maine Boats, Homes & Harbors, Issue 148
Issue 148 | September/October 2017
Volume 30 | Number 5
Click the cover image above to view the digital edition online.
On the cover: Photographer Peter Ralston calls the cover photo of the Milky Way rising above a fleet of Maine windjammers "River of Heaven." He took the photo in Brooklin, where windjammers had gathered for an event. "They dropped anchor off the WoodenBoat School wharf," he said. "When it was clear that a few of them would have their sails up all night, I had the first gleam of the possibility of this photograph." Ralston rowed ashore and set up for the shot as darkness fell. "My intoxication over what I beheld was compounded as I realized that the Milky Way was directly over the assembled fleet. Icing on an exquisite cake, if you will," he said. "Wonderful laughter and singing from the boats rang through the anchorage, punctuated by the lilting cries of loons at both ends of the harbor. It was, in all, a scene of surreal beauty. I knew I had found the perfect title when I learned that a shared Chinese and Japanese term for the Milky Way is "river of heaven." We selected this image for our special 30th anniversary cover because we think being on the water in Maine is as close to heaven as you can get. Ralston has donated a limited-edition master print of the image worth $2,000 to benefit Penobscot Island Air, which has been impacted by a recent accident (no injuries). Through the end of July 2017 any additional sales of "River of Heaven" that reference PIA will result in 20% of the retail price going to help PIA regain their footing. Contact the Ralston Gallery directly at 207-230-7225 or