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Boatyard Dogs Roger and Penne

Roger and Penne, Publishing Tycoons

By The Editors

John and Fagan

Penne Thirty years ago, when John K. Hanson Jr. started this magazine and introduced this very column, the first Boatyard Dog® was his golden retriever Fagan, shown with John in the 1970s (above). For this anniversary issue, it seemed appropriate to feature his current dogs, Penne, a miniature labradoodle, and Roger, a Jack Russell terrier.

Roger Roger loves boats and will not let anyone leave the dock without him aboard when there is fun to be had afloat. Here he is in John’s 1959 square-stern Grumman sport boat that is powered by a 3-hp Evinrude that John has owned since childhood. (John never gets rid of boats or engines.) Penne does not like letting her humans out of her sight, so she leaves land only when it means following the party. But she has a deep bark and is quite helpful to MBH&H Editor and John’s wife, Polly Saltonstall, in keeping the UFOs away from Polly’s garden.

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