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Issue 166 Table of Contents

September/October 2020

Marley and Tide
Marley & Tide

Boat builds & wind tunnels
Meet the 100 year old who is still hauling lobsters, and more news from the coast.

A gussied up Holland 32 is the perfect yacht for cruising and day-trips.

The History that Lies Beneath
A shipwreck and the tides of history.

Rebuild for a Vintage Bunker and Ellis Lobsteryacht
A vintage Bunker and Ellis lobsteryacht gets a rebuild, including a fancy new interior.

Dysart’s Great Harbor Marina
The marina caters to transient boaters, as well as a number of people who live aboard.

International ONE Designs
International One Designs have a long racing tradition in Northeast Harbor.

British-born Builder Brings Back Classic Maine Designs
A former slaughterhouse worker from the UK and a Beals Island boatbuilding legend team up.

Janice Anthony
A brilliant realist, the painter seeks out out-of-the-way places that speak to her sense of place.

Henry Peabody
Henry Peabody took Maine lighthouse photography to a new level.

Expand Your Cruising Horizons
After completing the Downeast Loop, a cruising couple offers some how-to advice.

The Do It Yourself Dock
It took two summers, but he managed to build his own dock, complete with pilings.

Tyranny of the Tides
A stranded fawn presents a rescue dilemma.

Brooklin, Maine, is chock-a-block with boatyards.

Welcome Downeast
Autumn harvest and a dose of imagination

Canine Quarters at Sea
Photographer Ruth Montgomery, Way Back When

Letters to the Editor — Issue 166
A pandemic project, maps, and memories

The State of Aquaculture
As demand for seafood grows and wild stocks decline, sustainable aquaculture is starting to look like the future, both along the Maine coast and inland where fish are being raised in indoor pens.

Dandelion Sandwich
From the Department of Wonder...

Storm jitters
Storm jitters

Maine I Love — Robin Lloyd
Text and photographs by Robin Lloyd

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Maine Boats, Homes & Harbors, Issue 166
Issue 166 | September/October 2020
Volume 33 | Number 5
Click the cover image above to view the digital edition online.
On the cover: Ralph Ellis and Raymond Bunker were known for building elegant lobster yachts, like Wizbee, which recently was restored at Elk Spar & Boat Shop.