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Issue 164 Table of Contents

May/June 2020

Finding the way, on a boat
Publisher's Letter #164

Luna and Moose
Luna & Moose

Letters to the Editor - Issue 164
The Boothbay 33 backstory and more

Boats, lobsters, and a message
A young boatbuilder, new construction projects, and an anniversary

Why I Love My Pontoon Boat
One photographer's love of pontoon boats

Into the Maine Woods
A quirky first day of work in the forest.

Boats Sales, Slips, and Service
Perched in a quiet inlet in Rockwood, Moosehead Marina is a major boating hub.

Wheeler 38
The spirit of Hemingway’s boat comes alive in a new build.

A Wide-Angle View of Maine as it Came of Age
A remarkable exhibition of lithographic landscapes of the Pine Tree State at Bowdoin College provides a panoramic record of Maine’s towns and cities.

King Hell Boats
What do you get when you combine a Harley-Davidson with a wooden runabout? A boat with attitude. Meet the King Hell 17 Sport Runabout.

Two Traditional Canoe Builders
Wood-and-canvas canoes are still being built by hand by two craftsmen in the tiny town of Atkinson, Maine, where Rollin Thurlow and Jerry Stelmok, old friends and former business partners, have shops.

The Living Legacy of the North Woods Paddle
The North Woods Paddle: A time-honored tool from Maine’s North Woods lives on.

Perfect Cast
In his studio in southern Maine, Fred Kretchman carefully crafts exquisite bamboo fly-fishing rods.

Lake House With a Twist
This lake house renovation has a nautical accent: a bar that looks just like a classic wooden runabout.

Leeches, Snappers, Spiders, and Snakes OH MY!
Leeches, snappers, spiders, and snakes: lake monsters demystified

Awanadjo Almanack - Issue 164
Baby seals, ospreys, blooms all about

Steamboats on Moosehead

The Maine I Love — Pine Tree Boating Club
Small boats, old motors, and days on the lake.

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Maine Boats, Homes & Harbors, Issue 164
Issue 164 | May/June 2020
Volume 33 | Number 3
Click the cover image above to view the digital edition online.
On the cover: Bill Stevens takes the Moosehead Laker Field of Streams for an early morning spin on Kennebago Lake. The Moosehead Laker is a classic freight canoe built by Jerry Stelmok. Rollin Thurlow builds a similar design called the Voyager. See story on page 44.