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Issue 160 Table of Contents

September/October 2019

The Hawk Flies Again
After years in drydock, the iconic one-ton The Hawk has been restored and is headed back to the races.

Maine’s Maiden Factor
A Castine sailor is on a mission as part of the all-women crew on Maiden, sailing around the world with a message of female empowerment.

Cultivating Wonder
Naturalist and environmental advocate, Rachel Carson found inspiration and solace on the coast of Maine, where she owned a small house.

Preserved In Stone
During Maine’s great age of sail, several prominent mariners were immortalized in larger-than-life stone sculptures. Today these impressive monuments are poignant reminders of people who helped to shape the state’s maritime economy.

Back When Fat Was Fabulous
Back in the days of sail, fat was a valuable commodity.

How Herman Melville Still Shapes the Gulf of Maine
Two centuries after his birth, Herman Melville’s writing about the ocean still resonates.

Etchells Racing on Casco Bay
Go racing in an Etchells 22 with Fleet 27

Junks and Sampans of the Yangtze
As Inspector General of Chinese Maritime Customs, the author’s grandfather admired the watercraft of the country he called home.

Writer's Retreat
After years of writing stories on the fly, a journalist builds her perfect writing studio.

Carvers Harbor
A busy island harbor and welcoming community.

The York 18
The York 18 is a bigger, more modern take on the Herreshoff 12½.

Boatyard Profile: Washburn & Doughty
Washburn & Doughty keeps very busy building tugs, ferries and other large workboats.

Summer of My Next Bear
Writer Todd Nelson says all his neighbors have seen the bears; why hasn’t he?

Cooper and Gilligan
Boatyard Puppies Cooper & Gilligan

Letters to the Editor - Issue 160
Aviators afloat plus a maritime reading list to end all lists.

Awanadjo Almanack - Issue 160
It's fall and that means wild fruits coming into their own, and hunting season.

Letter From The Publisher — Issue 160
If the Beach Boys are the sound of youthful summer, then surely Van Morrison is the bard of autumn.

Sailing into the Past and Back
A chance encounter on the water leads to a week-long cruise into the past.

Lobster women, a sardine carrier, and a very old canoe
Lobster women, a sardine carrier, and a very old canoe

The Maine I Love - Terry Boivin
On the water with photographer Terry Boivin.

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Maine Boats, Homes & Harbors, Issue 160
Issue 160 | September/October 2019
Volume 32 | Number 5
Click the cover image above to view the digital edition online.
On the cover: Brooklin Boat Yard owner Steve White demonstrates how well balanced The Hawk's helm is during a test sail this past summer. The classic one-ton was rebuilt at Brooklin Boat Yard for a customer in Rockport, Maine.