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Issue 145 Table of Contents

March/April 2017

Eloise and The Beetle
Boatyard Dog & Cat - Issue 145

My Beloved Basket Cases
From The Publisher - Issue 145

Letters to the Editor - Issue 145
Thoughts from our readers.

Lost birds, kelp farms, and more!
News On the Town Dock - Issue 145

Unofficial Boatyard Helpers
Spring means boat repairs and launches, and friendly conversation.

Dreamboats From the Past
This aspiring young artist loved boats, particularly for their great looks. A couple of his favorites are Francis Kinney’s Pipe Dream Sloop and a vintage Trumpy poweryacht.

Oh No! When Lead Meets Granite
We’ve all been there: perched on deck, looking over the rail at the rocks below, and wondering WHAT just happened.

Summer Days and Childhood Shenanigans
Summers on Bailey Island in the 1930s involved fishing, loitering, and hanging out with a pack of fellow adventurers.

Southport Junior Yacht Club: Powered by Youth
At Southport Yacht Club, aspiring young sailors both learn and teach sailing as the club builds a foundation for its future.

Home Afloat
Ice, snow, cold: these are minor inconveniences, say the growing number of people choosing to live year-round on their boats in Maine.

Mussel Fishing Back In the Day
Writer and former fisherman Joe Upton recalls winter mussel dragging back in the day: icebergs, bitter cold, and amazing hauls.

the case for “The Basket Case”
Boatbuilder Ellery Brown makes a case for why saving old boats is so worthwhile.

Lucinda’s Little Dream House
The challenge: to design a 376-square-foot house that felt spacious. The result: a simple modern space with just enough room to be inspiring.

Permanent Culture
At the Zocalo Permaculture Center in Gouldsboro, the focus is on integrating humans with their environment.

Bears, Boats, and Boules
Cynthia Stroud creates bronze bears, painted boats, and more in her Brooklin, Maine, studio..

Arctic Warming and Maine
The Artic is melting, and Maine is feeling the impact as many cold-water fish species move north and weather patterns shift.

South Freeport
South Freeport is off the beaten path but well worth the detour.

Welcome Downeast
Rob McCall praises spring birds, blooms, and the white-tailed deer.

Way Back When
A 1914 visitation by the Curtiss Flying Boat.

The Maine I Love - Jane Kurko
Views of Maine by Jane Kurko.


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Maine Boats, Homes & Harbors, Issue 145
Issue 145 | March/April 2017
Volume 30 | Number 2
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On the cover: Rowing is one of the many nautical skills taught in the Southport Yacht Club's sailing program, which is training the next generation of sailors and teachers.