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Issue 169 Table of Contents

March/April 2021

Boats that stand the test of time
Turning points and the Lincolnville Wherry

Finn and Flash
Boatyard dogs Finn and Flash

Letters to the Editor — Issue 169
Memory lane, aquaculture, slowing down

Marina sale, plastic spill & goat rescue
Boat ownership, oversized clock hands, and more from Maine

The role of the Dolphins 24 in the days of the sailboat design transition from wood to fiberglass.

Drama in the Fog
A real-life rescue story, overheard on the VHF

Building boats the way they should be
Eric Dow’s small boatshop has built a reputation for highly skilled work on smaller wooden boats.

Newfoundland Trap Skiff
Walt Simmons of Duck Trap Woodworking has perfected the construction of versatile wherries for rowing and sailing

Holly Martin
A young Mainer sailing around the world is following in the wake of pioneering women.

Adaptation in the Age of the Pandemic
Boatyards launched boats during the pandemic, but writer Peter Van Allen launched something even more important: his young son, teaching him wood-working and new ways to experience the outdoors.

Yvonne Jacquette Finds Art in High Places
Pushing the bird’s-eye view tradition to new heights, Yvonne Jacquette paints landscapes based on studies made from elevated outlooks: planes (small and large), helicopters, tall buildings, and the tops of mountains.

Whimsical Art Inspired by True Stories
Artist Ed Parker paints whimsical maritime scenes that at first glance appear to be simple works of carefree fantasy, but on closer examination reveal the results of painstaking research.

The Secret Life of Periwinkles
Periwinkles are so common, it’s easy to dismiss them. But these little marine snails have an interesting story to tell.

This Ocean-Focused Work Space Promotes Collaboration and Innovation
The New England Ocean Cluster seeks to promote ocean-related innovation through collaboration.

A visit to the country’s easternmost city.

Launching a Boat and a Career
A sardine carrier and a photo collection

Maine I Love — John K. Hanson Jr.
The Maine our publisher loves


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Bonus Content For This Issue

Bonus Content: 

Dog dockhand? You bet. Featured Boatyard Dog Finnegan helps haul in the lines of her people’s charter schooner when it leaves the slip. Watch her in action at

We had heard that periwinkles come out of their shells when you sing to them. Skeptical but curious, we set out to see for ourselves. See what we learned at

Mainer Holly Martin is sailing around the world, along the way she’s posting videos of the trip. Are you stuck at home in the snow? You can find Holly and live vicariously, here:

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Maine Boats, Homes & Harbors, Issue 169
Issue 169 | March/April 2021
Volume 34 | Number 2
Click the cover image above to view the digital edition online.
On the cover: Dolphin 24s, like Marionette shown here sailing in Eggemogin Reach, were designed following the rules of the Midget Ocean Racing Club. The idea was to have a rule for smaller racing boats, and to give sailors a safe boat for family outings.