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Issue 157 Table of Contents

March/April 2019

Letter from the Publisher 157
Nothings says spring in Maine like dories in the snow.

Nugget and Winston - Issue 157
Nugget and Winston

Letters to the Editor 157
Readers thoughts on cleats, the Castine Class, and more.

Big boats, toy boats, very fast boats
Big boats, toy boats, very fast boats... and a mysterious ice disk

Pea Soup Fog & One Tough Fisherman
A tale of fog and a tough fisherman father.

A Tribute to a Maine Farm Dog
A good farm dog becomes part of the family. Bonnie, a border collie that belonged to writer Ronald Joseph’s grandparents was did that, and more.

A Boating Hub for Casco Bay & Beyond
With a roomy new location and a big new lift, Portland Yacht Services is a boating hub.

Custom Hood 57: A Collaborative Design
New Hood 57 express classic is the product of collaboration between two design firms and a Maine builder.

New life for an old family launch that has spent 71 years working on Casco Bay.

An Amateur Refinishes His Metal Mast
An intrepid hobbyist learns how to refinish aluminum spars.

Iconic Sailing Classroom
Hurricane Island pulling boats are deliberately built to be challenging, as a way to teach teamwork. Former instructor Jeffrey Lewis explains.

Research Along Maine’s Long Wild Edge
Maine is home to 18+ marine labs and field stations making the state a leader in efforts to understand and teach about the marine environment.

Kale With a Special Pedigree
A hardy kale with a special connection to Camden, Maine.

Built in Maine
The 30-Ton Pinnace named Virginia was built in Maine in the 1600s, and its reproduction is being built now.

Richmond Island’s Pot of Gold
The story behind a pot of gold and silver coins found years ago on Richmond Island is a fascinating tale of early Maine.

Artist Alison Rector
Painter Alison Rector is known for interior views—light-filled spaces, both public and private.

South Portland
Once home to busy shipbuilders, South Portland now bustles with new activity, from the arts to food and breweries.

Welcome Downeast Issue 157
Flowing sap, budding pussy willows, quacking wood frogs, and other signs that spring will come.

Boat Launches Back in the Day
The 1903 launch of the four-masted schooner Pendleton Brothers.

The Maine I Love - Deborah Chatfield
Coastal Maine through the lens of Deborah Chatfield.


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Maine Boats, Homes & Harbors, Issue 157
Issue 157 | March/April 2019
Volume 32 | Number 2
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On the cover: Nothing is easy on Hurricane Island Outward Bound pulling boats, including setting the sail. It's all aprt of the learning experience.