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Issue 154 Table of Contents

September/October 2018

From the Publisher — Issue 154
From the Publisher 154

Boatyard Dogs — Issue 154
Des & Rosie and Stella

Letters to the Editor—Issue 154
A word from our readers.

On the Town Dock — Issue 154
More news from land and sea.

My Boat, My Harbor (My House) — Issue 154
A yacht designer explores the pros and cons of a floating residence instead of a land-based home.

Delightful Beast
Designed by Starling Burgess for his sons in 1912, Brutal Beasts taught a generation to sail.

Two Great Keel-Centerboard Options
A look at two great shallow-water, keel-centerboard daysailers: the Alerion Express and the Sakonnet 23.

Pendleton Yacht Yard: Island Anchor
From boatbuilding and maintenance to docks, Pendleton Yacht Yard does it all. What’s it like to be married to a man who’s married to a boatyard? The wife explains.

A Lifelong Boatbuilder
At 98 years of age, Paul Chapman has not let age slow down his boatbuilding. He recently finished a 37' wooden boat.

Printed Boat Parts? You Bet.
As the world of 3D printing grows, boatbuilders find it’s a valuable tool.

What Makes the Wind Blow?
What are the sources of Maine’s winds? Where do they come from and how do they vary during the year?

The Case of the Missing Mussels
Where have all the mussels gone? Rocks once covered in clinging blue bivalves are bare and biologists are hoping to learn why.

Light in the Autumn Darkness
As autumn nears and days get shorter, light on the water takes on new meaning.

The Battle Notch or the Dreaded Repower
The process of replacing the engine in his old boat taught Joe Upton valuable lessons about community, and vice versa.

The Joy and Heartache of Maine Farm Life in the 1960s
Writer Ronald Joseph remembers life on the family farm.

Animal Visions
Artist Dan Falt is known for his beguiling wooden animal sculptures.

New. Found. Land.
Remote, mysterious, and beautiful, Newfoundland has much to offer summer travelers.

Learn about the state’s maritime past at Penobscot Marine Museum, and then go antiquing in Searsport.

Awanadjo Almanack—Issue 154
Autumn brings slowing days, walks in the woods, and a final round of flowers.

Midye Dolma, Stuffed Mussels, or “Paella Bites”
Maine mussels meet Turkish street food in this recipe for Midye Dolmasi.

Not to miss in Newfoundland
The must-do list for a trip to Newfoundland.

Impressions of Newfoundland
Flower pressings and a poem, inspired by Newfoundland’s environs.

Launch of Blackjack
The launch of the restored Friendship sloop Blackjack included a team of oxen.

Married to a Man Who’s Married to a Boatyard
What’s it like to be married to a man who’s married to a boatyard? The wife explains.

Bucksport’s Elegant Linwood Cottage
Bucksport’s historic 1850 Linwood Cottage combines Italian and Gothic styles.


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Maine Boats, Homes & Harbors, Issue 154
Issue 154 | September/October 2018
Volume 31 | Number 5
Click the cover image above to view the digital edition online.
On the cover: Sailors on Isleboro have been racing Dark Harbor 20s like these since the 1930s. When Stanley Pendleton started Pendleton Yacht Yard on the land his family had owned since the early 1900s, he already had a reputation as a DH20 expert. Today the yard continues to care for much of the fleet.