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Peter H. Spectre


Mainely Gourmet: Damariscotta River Grill
Winning at the mustard worlds, mucking around in a cold cellar with a hacksaw, and using a spring mousetrap for power.
Mainely Gourmet: China Town, Augusta, Maine
A bridge for flies, an ode to an outhouse, and encircling the Big Blue Marble.
Issue 97 - Talking Boats, the Greenest College in the World, and the Orneriest, Nastiest, Most Fiercely Independent Gents on the Coast.
Issue 96 - Fund-raising as a competitive sport, talking like a pirate, and the Brazen Theft Division, Caught in the Act Section.
<strong>By Peter H. Spectre</strong> - Boat Names: Superstitions about the names of vessels
Issue 95 - Recycling with a vengeance, an acronymological report, and the Miscalculation Department, Please Don’t Make Me Eat Those Words Division
Small Boats on Green Waters: A Treasury of Good Reading on Coastal and Inland Cruising, edited by Brian Anderson and published by Breakaway Books.
Childhood memories and a love of rowboats
Real Mainers, mutant lobsters, and the internationally acclaimed Chronicles of Crime, Downeast Division.
Issue 93 - The ten-year-old lobsterman, the Sic Transit Gloria Mundi Dept., and life after toilet paper.