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Boat Show

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Boats Of The Year

Along The Shore

30 Years of Innovation

A glimpse at just a few of the people, boats, and innovations along the Maine coast from the last 30 years.

Eel smuggling, Tesla, new boats

Eel smuggling, Tesla, new boats.

Letters to the Editor - Issue 148

Letters to the Editor - Issue 148

Future Skippers

An innovative high school program teaches leadership skills to students planning careers in fishing, and keeps them engaged in school.

Why We Love the Ocean

Being in and on the ocean makes most people happy. It turns out that’s no fluke.

Boatyard Dogs Roger and Penne

Roger & Penne Boatyard Dogs

Welcome Downeast

Fall arrives and nature adjusts.

For your reading pleasure...

New books on the shelf...

She Built Her Own Canoe

She wanted to join the club of people who build things with their hands so she signed up for a boatbuilding class.

The Art of Leaving a Legacy

A handful of Maine artists have left legacies to promote future artists.