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Southern Maine Coast

<a href="/online/maine-events/august-2009">This month is the 7th MBHH Show and with it a week of activities in Rockland. Click to view all August Events >></a>
<strong> By Melissa Waterman</strong> - Was the wet spring due to global warming?
<strong> By Melissa Waterman</strong> - It’s a tough life, being the satellite of a major planet.
<a href="/online/maine-events/july-2009">The month of festivals! Lobster Festival, Hope Jazz Festival and the Bay Chamber Music Festival. Click to view all July Events >></a>
Seeking balance between technology and life in the present.
Letters to the Editor, Issue 105
<a href="/online/maine-events/june-2009">The Old Port festival, the Wooden Boat show and bats. Click to view all June Events >></a>
Maine Boats Homes and Harbors Magazine, Table of Contents, Issue 105, July 2009
Maine’s season of stolen days.
There are always more life-stages waiting to be revealed.
<strong> By Melissa Waterman</strong> - What do whales and dolphins do with all that brain matter?
<strong> By Melissa Waterman</strong> - Spring is a good time of year for quiet.
<strong> By Melissa Waterman</strong> - Nonpoint source pollution's impact on our waterways
<strong> By Melissa Waterman</strong> - The world is a mathematical construct, but don’t panic! Our author explains.
<a href="/online/maine-events/april-2009">Click to view all April Events >></a>
Letters to the Editor, Issue 104
Fitting Out Tips, Boat Show Dreams, Flying Footwear, and Topless Donuts
Maine Boats Homes and Harbors Magazine, Table of Contents, Issue 104, May 2009
Tradition shapes innovation
There was a time when nearly all the earth’s fresh water was drinkable.
<a href="/online/maine-events/march-2009">Jazz in Hope, Maine Maple Sunday and the Maine Boatbuilders Show. Click to view all March Events >></a>
Bring some of summer's ‘zest’ indoors for the winter with a citrus tree in a pot.
Our annual roundup of boatbuilding projects from Maine and beyond
The bears are slumbering soundly in their dens.
Capt. Pete’s Rule of the Equinoxes and Answers to Baby Boomer Retirement Questions