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Fishermen selling directly to members of the public

Monday, April 13th 2020

Fishermen selling directly to members of the public

With restaurants and hotels closed, and oversees market essentially shut down, Maine’s fishermen have been struggling to find markets for their catch. 

Enter the internet. 

A Camden woman has started a Facebook page, Maine’s Working Waterfront – Seafood Connect, to connect fishermen directly with customers. 

The group was started by Ali Farrell who has made friends with many Maine fishermen over the past few years while working on a book about women in the fishing business. Fishermen can download a form on the page that is linked to a google map. They can say what they are selling and where they will be selling it. That information then is posted on the page for members of the public. The guys in this photo, who fish out of Owls Head, were in the Reny’s parking lot in Camden last Saturday selling lobsters for Easter dinners. They were careful to wear masks and maintain their distance from customers, who remained in their cars.

In all fishermen ran Easter lobster pickup stations in seven Midcoast towns on Saturday.





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