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Seacoast Mission President to Retire

Wednesday, March 28th 2018

Seacoast Mission President to Retire

Maine Seacoast Mission President C. Scott Planting is retiring. His announcement came in a letter to Seacoast Mission supporters in which he thanked them for the opportunity to serve and for their help in building a secure financial base so the Mission’s programs and services on land and sea will continue.

“During my tenure, we’ve worked hard to build a secure financial base for EdGE, so Downeast children, for generations to come, receive first rate educations; and so the Sunbeam V continues to bring state of the art tele-health service to the outer islands,” he said in his retirement letter. “In Cherryfield, we’ve developed an active campus that supports children, families and elders with food, shelter and community. An expanded scholarship program is preparing high school students for successful college careers. And our strategic plan, Mission 2020, charts a thoughtful course of action for years ahead.”

The Mission president cited an archived “carefully hand-lettered listing of the names of Mission superintendents and president” starting with Mission founder Alexander Macdonald. “I am very proud my name will be added to this list of Mission leaders who, first and foremost, cared deeply about the people of the outer islands and Downeast coastal communities,” Planting said.

The letter said the Mission president’s retirement would take place “late this fall.” A search is underway for the Seacoast Mission’s next leader, led by its board of directors.

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