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Leeches, Snappers, Spiders, and Snakes OH MY!

Leeches, snappers, spiders, and snakes: lake monsters demystified

Scallop Research

Scallop research project featured an unusual partnership between scientists and fishermen.

Saving Whales

The Campobello Whale Rescue Team plays a key role in rescuing whales that have become entangled in fishing lines.

Environmental DNA

New DNA technology is enabling scientists to see the world in just a drop of water.

Cultivating Wonder

Naturalist and environmental advocate, Rachel Carson found inspiration and solace on the coast of Maine, where she owned a small house.

EEL of Fortune

Salmon farming may be just the tip of Maine’s move into aquaculture. The latest trend: growing elvers into big fat eels.

The Unsinkable Water Strider

This agile little insect can walk on water.

Research Along Maine’s Long Wild Edge

Maine is home to 18+ marine labs and field stations making the state a leader in efforts to understand and teach about the marine environment.

The Birds of Seal Island

A birdwatching trip to Seal Island offers a chance to see Atlantic Puffins, Black Guillemots, Wilson Storm-Petrels and many other seabirds.

Flights of Fancy

If you want to learn about seabirds and see them firsthand off the coast of Maine, ecologist John Drury is your man.

Black & White

Sea ducks arrive in Maine waters in the winter just as many other birds migrate south, giving new meaning to the term “snow birds.”

The Case of the Missing Mussels

Where have all the mussels gone? Rocks once covered in clinging blue bivalves are bare and biologists are hoping to learn why.

What Makes the Wind Blow?

What are the sources of Maine’s winds? Where do they come from and how do they vary during the year?

The Uncertain Future of Right Whales

After a brief period of growth, the population of North Atlantic right whales is dropping, and scientists are worried.

Beneficial Bugs

When planting your garden, think about ways to encourage beneficial bugs.