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Eva Murray

An island outhouse with one heck of a view.
Sometimes when disaster strikes, the official rescuers need help. In 1947, a whole community came out to save a shipwrecked crew off Cape Elizabeth.
The Rev. Bobby Ives, who considers boatbuilding to be a higher calling, has spent his life helping people chart their lives.
Does a pocketful of licenses and certifications really let you have more fun? Eva Murray offers her opinion.
Matinicus correspondent Eva Murray gives her take on the antics of a reality TV crew filming a program about lobstermen on Matinicus Island.
<strong>By Eva Murray</strong> - Resistor (Wherein we meet Doctor Bob and Lech Walesa, and don appropriate attire for physics class.)
<strong>By Eva Murray</strong> - Aland Island, Home Sweet Home? (How technology, Homeland Security, and new rules for truckers gave me a new identity...)
<strong>By Eva Murray</strong> - Freight is tackled by all civilians, swarming sometimes like ants, and not above loading one man's provisions into another man's rig.
<strong>By Eva Murray</strong> - Everybody, regardless of history, ethics, or severity of bait smell, is welcome aboard the 'Beam, and there is always something in the cookie jar.
<strong>By Eva Murray</strong> - Our Prom: Politics Made Us Do It (in which our heroine gets to wear her shiny purple prom dress)
<strong>By Eva Murray</strong> - We also have a bridge to the mainland we’ll sell you.
<strong>By Eva Murray</strong> - The topic of today’s lesson will be junk cars.
<strong>By Eva Murray</strong> - One man's “artisanal” is another man's hobby.
<strong>By Eva Murray</strong> - Democracy is just as important on a small island as elsewhere--maybe more so.
<strong>By Eva Murray</strong> Some years are better for the butterflies than others.
<strong>By Eva Murray</strong> - On the Edge of What?