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Into the Maine Woods

A quirky first day of work in the forest.

David Graeme Baker

David Graeme Baker’s art explores the angst of youth.

Sarah Faragher

Painter Sarah Faragher relies on intuition—and the Maine landscape—in creating her canvases.

Good Reads - Autumn 2019

A new selection of books we recommend.

2019 Boat & Home Show

Scenes from the 2019 Maine Boat & Home Show.

A Creative Revival

The Tides Institute & Museum of Art has helped spark a creative revival in the downeast city of Eastport.

Corinne McIntyre and the Plein Air Painters of Maine

Corinne McIntyre and fellow plein air artists find inspiration painting in company.

The Strange Yet Familiar World of Jonathan Fisher

Multi-talented Jonathan Fisher was a furniture maker as well as Blue Hill’s first settled minister.

Preserving History

Jerome Morris brings knowledge from a lifetime on the water into his model-making.

Island Twist on Holiday Decorations

Tradition and Christmas balls on Matinicus Island.

Christmas 1960: Getting by With Less

Christmas 1960, tough times tempered by a visit from a brilliant bird.

Summer of My Next Bear

Writer Todd Nelson says all his neighbors have seen the bears; why hasn’t he?

Writer's Retreat

After years of writing stories on the fly, a journalist builds her perfect writing studio.

How Herman Melville Still Shapes the Gulf of Maine

Two centuries after his birth, Herman Melville’s writing about the ocean still resonates.

Back When Fat Was Fabulous

Back in the days of sail, fat was a valuable commodity.