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Modern, Net-Zero, and Very Livable

Peaks Island home combines modern lines and net-zero footprint

From Farmhouse to Summer Retreat

Blue Hill's Curtis house and F.L. Olmstead

Governor Baxter and the Making of a Historian

Maine State Historian Earle Shettleworth explains how early encounters with Gov. Percival Baxter inspired his career.

Precisely Maine

Greta Van Campen and Mary Alice Treworgy practice a modern-day Precisionism in their paintings.

Trailer Makeover

A renovation transforms a rundown mobile home into an elegant living space.

A Few Ideas for Winter Reading

From the bookshelf

Dandelion Sandwich

From the Department of Wonder...

Canine Quarters at Sea

Photographer Ruth Montgomery, Way Back When

The Do It Yourself Dock

It took two summers, but he managed to build his own dock, complete with pilings.

Janice Anthony

A brilliant realist, the painter seeks out out-of-the-way places that speak to her sense of place.

The Bygone Era of the Prim & Proper Bathing Suit

A look at how people hit the beach in the 19th and 20th centuries.

The Architects Build a House for Themselves

Two architects plan and build an efficient, modern home for themselves, taking their cues from the landscape.

Colin Page

Painter Colin Page captures light and life in color-filled canvases.

Lake House With a Twist

This lake house renovation has a nautical accent: a bar that looks just like a classic wooden runabout.

A Wide-Angle View of Maine as it Came of Age

A remarkable exhibition of lithographic landscapes of the Pine Tree State at Bowdoin College provides a panoramic record of Maine’s towns and cities.