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The Pretty Good House

Architect Emily Mottram’s work focuses on efficient, simple designs.

Architectural Elements

Once charted on maps, cupolas provide views and ventilation as well as serving as waypoints.

Cig Harvey

Photographer Cig Harvey’s images turn small moments into gasps of wonder.


A historic summer cottage with a lighthouse-inspired tower

Michael Torlen

In his series “Ocean Blues,” artist Michael Torlen reflects on the fate of our water planet.

An Odd Fellows Hall is Reborn

Brooklin’s historic Order of Odd Fellows Hall was on the verge of falling down, when a team of new owners stepped in and breathed new life into the classic structure.

George Hathaway

Portland’s prolific marine artist, George Hathaway, got his start painting furniture.

Michael Vermette

Michael Vermette has become one of Maine’s foremost plein air painters. His most recent subject was the Allagash Wilderness Waterway.

A Little Lake Cottage with Vintage Charm

Renovation of a small camp on Megunticook Lake retains its period charm.

Cooking on a Boat

In the galley kitchen with Annie Mahle

This Ocean-Focused Work Space Promotes Collaboration and Innovation

The New England Ocean Cluster seeks to promote ocean-related innovation through collaboration.

Whimsical Art Inspired by True Stories

Artist Ed Parker paints whimsical maritime scenes that at first glance appear to be simple works of carefree fantasy, but on closer examination reveal the results of painstaking research.

Yvonne Jacquette Finds Art in High Places

Pushing the bird’s-eye view tradition to new heights, Yvonne Jacquette paints landscapes based on studies made from elevated outlooks: planes (small and large), helicopters, tall buildings, and the tops of mountains.

A Tipsy Rooster and Horse Whispering

The writer recalls the time the family’s rooster got drunk, and his grandfather’s winning ways with draft horses

Painter Abe Goodale Comes Home to the Sea

This descendent of Charles Dana Gibson pays homage to Maine fishermen in remarkable watercolors