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Getting the Most Out of Cut Flowers

A little floral know-how leads to long-lasting arrangements.

Mainely Gourmet - Wildflour Bakery by Letitia Baldwin

Mainely Gourmet - Linger over finely brewed, dark-roast coffee and cinnamon donut muffins and other treats at the Wildflour Bakery.

Early Maine Apples

Heirloom apple varieties are an edible journal of our rural past.

Garden, Garlic - Lynette Walther

This plant is not only good, it’s good for you.

Homes - Pentagonal House

The geometric structure best suited to provide the most living space on a tiny lot is a pentagon.

Common Ground Country Fair

Common Ground Fair - This quintessential end-of-summer celebration is a ritual for many Mainers.

Yurt - William Coperthwaite

William Coperthwaite may have the answer to the mortgage market troubles—build a yurt.

Garden, Weeds - Lynette Walther

Hand-weeding has its rewards, but there are other ways to foil the undesirables in your garden.

All about daylillies

As easy as they are to grow, it is every bit as easy to fall in love with the colorful, striking daylily. Just ask Susan Shaw.

Garden, July - Lynette Walther

Gardening for fragrance: Both flowers and foliage can deliver perfume to your garden setting.

Garden, June - Lynette Walther

June is the month when everything seems to come together in the garden at once. Here are some tips to ease the transition into summer.

Mainely's Gourmet-Frontier Café-Issue96

Featured Restaurant: Frontier Café’. The light, buffet-style fare, consists of wraps, paninis, salads, and various Marketplate boards.

Maine Garden Tours

New Jersey may be the official "Garden State," but we Maine gardeners do amazing things with our shorter summers. Herewith, a list of garden tours -- try to take at least one this summer.

Maine Architects Design Furniture

An exhibit of furniture created by 12 Maine architects is "expressive of their personal design visions. Read more>>