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Small Adventures

The Maine Boats, Homes & Harbors guide to cruising on the Maine coast by boat or by car. Choose from the articles below to travel with Mimi Bigelow Steadman, or with Ben Ellison on his boat, Gizmo.

Angelique, Preparing for the First Sail

TheAngelique heads out of Camden Harbor

Notes from Behind the Wheel - Prepping the Mary Day

Mary Day: signs of spring in the Maine windjammer fleet.

Adventures - Gizmo - Cundy's Harbor

Gunkholing with Gizmo; Cundy's Harbor

Adventures - Gizmo - Port Clyde

Gunkholing with Gizmo; Port Clyde

Adventures - Gizmo - Cross River

Gunkholing with Gizmo; Cross River looks and feels like a river, but…

Adventures - Gizmo - Eastern Egg Rock

Gunkholing with Gizmo: Eastern Egg Rock, Muscongus Bay

Adventures - Gizmo - Bunkers Wharf

Gunkholing with Gizmo; Bunker's Wharf

Adventures - Gizmo - Brooklin

Gunkholing with Gizmo; Brooklin

Adventures - Gizmo - Malaga Island

Gunkholing with Gizmo; Malaga Island

Adventures - Gizmo - Bucksport

Take a trip up the Penobscot River to Bucksport with Ben Ellison aboard M/V Gizmo.