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MB&H Show: Market Yourself

Boatshow Marketing


Market Yourself!

Tips and Tricks: How to market YOUR presence at the Maine Boat & Home Show: 

The MBH&H team markets and advertises the show year-round. We work with radio, web, tv, and printed advertising. Now that you are an exhibitor at the show, it's time to tell the world that you will be there! Here are some tips and tricks to help you tell your current and potential clients where to find you at the show.

Ideas for Exhibitors

  • Send invitations to customers and include a Guest Ticket that allows them to get into the show free.  Guest Tickets are important promotional tools; they spread good will and offer your best customers and prospects free admission to the show. We provide 6 free Guest Tickets per exhibit space (they arrive in your Welcome Kit), and you can purchase more at half price.
  • Put show reminders in your newsletters, publications, and on your website’s calendar of events
  • Include a blurb about the show and your booth placement on invoices.
  • Include a tag-line in your regular radio and television advertising
  • Add the show dates to regular print advertising
  • Purchase a banner ad on the MBH&H website,
  • Purchase a display ad in the Boat Show Issue of Maine Boats, Homes & Harbors magazine
  • Send out a press release announcing a new product or service you are launching at the show.
  • Use an e-mail signature with show dates and a link to