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Show- Exhibitor Info

Maine Boat & Home Show

Join us in 2025!

The Annual Maine Boat & Home Show is typically held the second weekend of August. Gates open at 10 a.m. daily
Exhibitor Information


Show Hours:10:00-5:00 Friday
 10:00-5:00 Saturday
 10:00-4:00 Sunday

STAFFING: Please ensure that your exhibit is adequately staffed at all times during show hours. All staff must be checked in and have their badges on and visible at all times during set-up, the show itself, and break-down.

SECURITY: Overnight security will be provided during the show. If you or any of your personnel will be staying overnight on your boats, you must sign in at the Show Office. If you intend to be on the show grounds after closing, please make sure that your badges are visible at all times. We cannot guarantee complete security for your exhibit or personal possessions, so we urge you to exercise all due caution. We cannot be held responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged goods.

GUEST TICKETS: Every exhibitor receives SIX (6) complimentary Guest Tickets per exhibit space. Please direct any guests for whom you have left tickets to the Will-Call Office, located across from the Show Office. Guest Tickets are important promotional tools. They spread good will and offer your best customers and prospects free admission! You can order as many as you want at a discount price; tickets ordered before mid-July will be printed with your company’s name so that special customers will beat a path to your display. Mail them out to your prospects, include them with your monthly statements, or give them out at your showroom. Tickets will be sent directly to you to distribute to your customers. Last date that requests can be made: July 15. After mid-July, tickets can still be purchased in packs of 5 for $35.00 ($7 per ticket) but will not be pre-printed with your company name. ONLY pre-paid tickets will be held at Will-Call.

EXHIBITOR BADGES/CREDENTIALS: Exhibitors are entitled to receive FIVE (5) free badges for every unit of space rented. (One booth space, outdoor space, or in-water space equals five free credentials. For example, if you are exhibiting two boats in the water you are entitled to 10 free credentials. If you are renting one 8' x 10' booth, you are entitled to 5 free credentials.) Additional badges for your exhibit staff are available for $5 each.

EXHIBITOR PARKING: Parking around the show is limited. We have made arrangements for exhibitor trucks and trailers at Snow Marine Park (please park considerately to maximize the space available for all who need it). Complete information, a map of Rockland, and directions to Snow Marine Park are included in your check-in packet.

HINT: If you and your staff take up parking spots close to the show, those sites will not be available for your customers.

  • The return walk from Snow Marine Park is approximately 10 to 15 minutes.
  • No cars will be permitted to enter the show grounds Friday-Sunday after 8:30 a.m. All cars must leave the grounds by 9:00 a.m. Cars not complying will be towed.
  • You must have the MB&H Show parking slip with your name and cellphone number (or tent and booth number if no cellphone) clearly visible on the dashboard while on show grounds.  Please pick up a parking slip at the Show Office, and please leave your keys in the car if away from it briefly while (un)loading so that we can move it rather than resorting to a tow-truck.
  • Additional Parking: Paid parking will be available at DST (Water Street entrance, left off of Route 73) for a fee beginning at 8 a.m. daily. This is designed to offer show attendees a parking option, and we urge exhibitors to use the provided free parking at Snow Marine Park or free municipal lots.

BOOTH FURNISHINGS: All in-tent booths are piped and draped, 8' tall across the back and 3' high on the sides. All in-tent booths come equipped with two chairs and an 8' table, IF requested. If you do NOT want a table or chair(s), please let us know. Should you wish to request additional furnishings, please contact us at 207-594-8622.

WIRELESS INTERNET SERVICES: Wireless access has been expanded and is free to exhibitors thanks to Silver Sponsor LCI FIber Optic Networks. It should be used for transactions only based on limited bandwidth. A password will be provided at check-in.

ELECTRICITY: Standard service for booths is limited to 30 A/110V delivered to within 50 feet. Open-land spaces do not have electrical service unless prior arrangements were made. All exhibitors requesting service should provide their own heavy-gauge 50-foot extension cord with a 3-prong adapter.

WASTE DISPOSAL & RECYCLING: Please make use of on-site dumpsters and recycling bins and help keep the show site attractive. Please recycle cardboard, bottles, and cans. It only takes an extra minute. Please break your boxes down and stack neatly beside the dumpsters. The dumpsters will be emptied each evening after the close of the show. Please do not leave cigarette butts or trash on the ground in your booth ~ we will thank you as we clean up!

SALES AND USE TAX: For those conducting sales at the show, Maine state sales tax is 5.5%.

PHONES: Cell service is excellent. There are no public pay phones on site.

SHOWER TOKENS: If you are staying aboard your vessel and would like shower tokens for the facilities at the Rockland Yacht Club (Harbormaster’s building), please inquire at the Show Office.

EXHIBIT BREAK-DOWN: Because each person who purchases a ticket to the show has the right to see all exhibits, no exhibit may be closed during show hours or removed until Sunday after 4:00 p.m. All displays must be removed by 8:00 p.m.

SUNDAY DEPARTURE: Our best estimate of when you will be able to drive your vehicle onto show grounds is 4:45-5:00 p.m. A schedule and details regarding load-out will be provided, with very important details about where the vehicle line forms to enter the show grounds. Please help the departure process go smoothly by packing up your exhibit space prior to bringing a vehicle on the grounds. This minimizes the number of idle vehicles, and keeps traffic flowing! Again: Our best estimate of when you will be able to drive your vehicle onto show grounds is 4:45-5:00 p.m. If you want to avoid waiting in line in your car, go grab an early dinner in town and then return to load your display items. 

DEPARTING FIRST: Certain boats on trailers will leave the grounds first, so please note that other cars will not be allowed in until approimately 4:45-5:00 at the earliest. Please use that time to prepare for departure.

SHIPPING/PACK-OUT ON SUNDAY: Deliver any outbound packages to be sent—labeled and prepaid—to the Show Office by Sunday at 6 p.m. Shipping: Only FedEx and UPS shipments can be accepted. Clearly mark your company name on the outside of each package. All shipments must be prepaid.

Inbound:Ship products or materials that you will need to:
 Maine Boat & Home Show
 c/o O’Hara Corporation, 120 Tillson Ave.

Rockland, ME 04841


Outbound:Deliver packages, labeled and prepaid,
 to the show office by Sunday at 6 PM