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MBH&H Show - FAQ

Information for Exhibitors:
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Show FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

When do I have to get all of my information in? Space is assigned on a first come, first served basis. Space sells quickly, so contracts with deposits need to be in sooner rather than than later. Proof of liability insurance listing Maine Boats, Homes & Harbors as an "additional insured" needs to be in by July 15 (see below for more info). Your insurance carrier will fax this form to us directly at 207-593-0026 upon your request.

What if I don’t have liability coverage? Contact us for information about a special group-rate, short-term insurance policy for land and booth exhibits only (not available for boats in the water).

How many people attend the show? Show attendance is usually between 8,000 and 10,000 people.

By what date do I need to get my information in to be listed in the show program? The deadline for a listing in the show program is June 1.

What are badges? They are credentials (or name badges) on lanyards that you and your exhibit staff need to wear for admittance and while on show grounds. You are entitled to five free credentials for each unit of space rented. Additional credentials for your exhibit staff are available for $5.00 each.

What are guest tickets and how are they used? Guest tickets are an important promotional tool for you. They are tickets we provide and you give out to your best customers and prospects for admission to the show. We give you six free per exhibit space, then only charge you $35.00 per bundle of 5 additional tickets.

What are my display options for space? An in-tent booth is 8’ deep and 10’ wide. Outside space (Exhibit/Boat(s) on Shore), which requires you to supply your own cover (or not), starts at 10’ x 10’ and goes in increments up to 15’ x 30’, or multiples thereof. In-water boats have the option of being stern to or side to.

How are booth spaces furnished? Is electricity provided? All in-tent booths are piped and draped. Each comes equipped with an 8’ table and two chairs if requested. Please indicate your preference on your contract. Additional tables are available for $10.00 each. Standard service electricity is limited to 30A/110V delivered to within 50 feet. Open land spaces will not have electrical service unless prior arrangements are made. All exhibitors requesting service should bring a heavy-gauge, 50’ extension cord with a 3-prong adapter. For an additional cost of $150, 220v service is available.

Is there Internet access at the show? Yes. We will be providing free wifi for show exhibitors, you will receive a password when you check in at the show office.  The service is not affiliated in any way with the Maine Boats, Homes & Harbors Show. We do not offer technical support for connecting to the WiFi network.

Do the tents have sides? Yes. Tent walls are clear or white with windows, and during good weather can be raised or pushed aside for air circulation if exhibitors want. They are closed overnight.

How high are the tents? The height of the sidewalls is 8 feet.

What color is the pipe and drape? The pipe and drape is generally white. We’ll try to inform you in advance if we use another color.

What is the ground like? Will I need to bring flooring? Booths inside tents are mostly on grass. In some cases they overlap paved areas making some fairly minor irregularities. Outside spaces are mostly on paved areas and are flat. Flooring is a personal choice and not necessary in most cases.

What happens if it rains during the show? This is an outdoor venue. The show goes on rain or shine.

Can I bring my parrot/dog/cat/boa constrictor? No. Due to Health & Safety Regulations no pets are allowed on the show grounds except for the pre-qualified Boatyard Dog contestants and bona fide service dogs. Please plan accordingly.