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New Classic Yacht Owners Association forms

Monday, June 13th 2016

New Classic Yacht Owners Association forms

A group of classic sailing boat owners have formally come together to create and support the newly formed Classic Yacht Owners Association (CYOA). The association will be based out of one of sailing's most iconic boating communities, Newport, Rhode Island.

"The CYOA mission is to promote the ownership, knowledge and appreciation of classic yachts and those yachts built in the spirit of tradition of classic yachts," said Matt Brooks, owner of the famous classic yacht Dorade and a founding member and catalyst for the new group. "It is the direct intention of the CYOA to preserve and champion these yachts to insure their survival and enjoyment for future generations while encouraging, partnering and unifying the cruising and racing opportunities these yachts are able to participate in throughout the whole of the United States."

Membership in the new association will include owners, builders, restoration yards and related craftspeople, supplier partners, archives and related maritime history community, and the regattas/host authorities, and yacht clubs in which the yachts live and compete, Brooks said.

The Classic Yacht Owners Association's goal is to bring owners together to create a positive and cohesive voice to the issues, challenges, and opportunities facing the yachts and their programs today, as well as create an organization to more effectively work within the robust and talented communities of yards and craftspeople and suppliers they are a part of as well as the regattas, yacht clubs and sailing communities with whom they sail and serve and should support more effectively. The Classic Yacht Owners Association's ultimate aim is to support and unite the building, restoration, sailing, organizing and racing of classic wooden and spirit of tradition sailing yachts in the United States.

Newly named full time Executive Director Clark Poston adds, "As part of the CYOA's stated focus, the association was formed to be a catalyst for unity, transparency, and inclusiveness in the Classics community at all levels. Ultimately, the CYOA was created to facilitate communication among active owners in the class and sport, and to create renewed clarity and excitement about participation in classic and spirit of tradition yacht cruising, racing, and interest in ownership and restoration. Additionally, the Owners Association hopes to serve as a catalyst for national and regional cooperation of, and communication between, all regattas and the communities they serve."

Many of the most beautiful classic yachts were produced as one-designs or very small groups of sister yachts. At no time in history have these classic examples of maritime art and function ever enjoyed the support of an overall class association, and to this day no club or association has taken responsibility for advancing the interests of this historic fleet of boats. The CYOA was formed to help fill this gap.

The CYOA offices are at the Newport Shipyard in Newport, Rhode Island. For more information, or to become one of the 100-and-counting members, please contact Clark Poston at or visit Membership in the CYOA during its inaugural year will be free.

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